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Our Groups


Les Eclipses Novice Class is composed of members who are in their first years in the world of Colorguard, ages 5 to 9.

It's the ideal platform to introduce children to the activity and give them the basic techniques on the colorguard equipment.


This group rehearses half a day per week and takes part in the Provincial AMQ- Art in Movement competition circuit.

No experience required. 

Regionale A

For the graduating members of the Cadet class group as well as anyone who is 10 years and older can join Les Éclipses Regional A.  

This group learns more elaborate techniques on each equipment and incorporates showmanship into their performance. They prepare a slightly longer production that is also presented on the Quebec Provincial Colorguard circuit.


If you are a teenager with no experience who would like to explore the world of colorguard, the Regional A group is the best place for you. 


This group repeats weekly.

Crédit photo Rachel Ouimet

Crédit photo André Pelletier


Les Eclipses Open is the elite group of the family.  Composed of experienced teens and young adults, this is the group that represents the City of Longueuil on the International Winterguard scene, traveling to the United States 3 or 4 times per season for various regional competitions and the World Championships. 


The number of hours and the rehearsals are more intense than that of the other groups and the techniques are more advanced.

Although technical experience on equipment is required at this level, we encourage young people who have a good background in dance or gymnastics and who wish to exploit them in another environment to try their skills at our auditions at the beginning of each season.

Crédit photo Brigitte Gauvin


Are you an adult who is passionate about the activity?  Do you wish to get in shape in an original and fun way? If so, the Senior group is for you.

Composed mostly of adults 21 and over, this group exploits the performance potential of its members while respecting their physical capacities and their availabilities.

The group rehearses only every two and performs in the Quebec Provincial Colorguard circuit.

Crédit photo Marie Lapierre