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About Les Éclipses

Although little known to the public and municipal authorities, Les Eclipses have been the ambassadors of cultural and artistic entertainment in the Montérégie region and worthy representatives of the City of Longueuil at national and international levels since the early 60s.


First formed as a drum and bugle corps, Les Eclipses have radiated the City of Longueuil at an internationally level for several years.

By the time the drum and bugle corps ceased its operations, Les Eclipses Winterguard was very successful at both provincial and international levels. Many times finalist at WGI Championships, the Open class group won a silver medal in 1996.


Concerned about the longevity of their organization, the leaders of Les Eclipses formed their first Cadet Class feeder group in 2002 and their first Novice Class group in 2005. Then, over the years, new groups were formed to balance expertise levels and ensure that young people can perform in a category where they feel comfortable with their technical abilities and psychological development.


These groups compete primarily in the Quebec AMQ circuit.

The mission of our three groups is to provide suitable technical skills while providing our young performers in all classes an unforgettable experience shared with the peers.


The objectives of our members and instructors are to continue evolving through a high standard of performance and accuracy. The choreographies focus on the age level and members’ abilities of each group.  The staff also want to encourage members by giving challenges that will make them push themselves beyond their beliefs.


Our plans for this and future years are to ensure growth, to properly train our members so they can progress within the organization and ensure that our young people will always enjoy doing this activity.


Winterguard is a unique community through which our young gains valuable experience and builds lifelong memories.

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Affiliated  institutions

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